#IronWolf Uni is Hot Fire


I’m getting old so not 100% sure I’m using this lingo correctly, but the above uni combo that is being dubbed #IronWolf is straight hot fire! This will be worn for Military Appreciation Day against Syracuse on November 21st. I’m a fan. This is DFCF approved! The look is similar to the black unis, but … [Read more…]

Same Old NC State Shit

Two shitty losses in a row. Coach Doeren’s ACC record is now 3-15. Not acceptable. Any chances of having a good season are now gone. The goal shifts to bowl eligibility. New season, same old NC State shit. That’s all I have to say about this one. I was on the sideline, so enjoy these … [Read more…]

Ramos TD Catch

Just like in real estate, to get that special sports action photo, it’s all about … location, location, location. Well I was luckily in the perfect location for the Jumichael Ramos TD. If the ball had been overthrown I may have ended up on SportsCenter’s Not Top Ten. Here it is in all its glory.

Pack in Black

At one point in the second quarter last Saturday, they showed a video on the jumbotron asking various players what their favorite uniform combo was. My favorite answer was Joe Thuney saying, “Whatever we wore when we beat Carolina last year!” Amen to that brother. The other answers were very telling. I think of the … [Read more…]

Coach Doeren Mic’d Up

I just love these mic’d up videos. The practice ones are great because they show the coaching and teaching that takes place in practice. The game ones are even better because they show the strategy and thought process of the coaches in the heat of battle. I think I would pay decent money to get … [Read more…]

JaySam TDs & Dravious Hard Hits

In my season preview I raved about Jaylen Samuels and Dravious Wright as being my guys this year because I love how they play the game. Well the season opener against Troy showed everybody exactly what I was talking about. Just look above at the ferocious sack-fumble hit that Dravious put on Troy’s QB Brandon … [Read more…]

2015 Season Preview

Over the years it has become the accepted norm for NC State fans to hope for a special season, but really only expect to be just good enough to get to a bowl game. Screw that! I want that special season we’ve been waiting on forever and I want it bad. Lack of top end talent, … [Read more…]

2015-2016 Bball Schedule

The 2015-2016 basketball season is just over 2 months away and the ACC finally decided to release the schedules. Nothing like procrastination! The NC State home schedule is pictured above. See the links below for the full schedule. Here’s the full ACC schedule. Here’s the NC State schedule.