Sep 13 2014


The date was December 29, 2008. The Pack was playing Rutgers in the Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama. Why is that game relevant you may be asking? Well that was the last NC State football game that I did not attend in person. Over the past 2,084 days if the Pack has played a football game (home, away, bowl, neutral site, etc.) I have been in attendance. Today on September 13, 2014 that streak stands at 65 games … and that’s where it will end.

In a few hours I’ll grab the remote, turn on the TV, flip over to the CBS Sports Network channel, sit on my couch, and watch the NC State football team play a game on TV. I’ve watched us play on TV over the past 5+ years, but it’s always been on Sunday (or Monday or whenever I found the time to get to it) when I go back to rewatch the game to look for things I may have missed live. Watching us play live on TV is going to feel super weird for sure.

I have to admit I looked at flights yesterday afternoon at work to see if I could get a steal of a deal, but it’s the right time to end the streak on my own terms. With a new house and two kids, I have more important things to spend my money on. I’ll still keep my home game streak going, which currently stands at 60 (101 of the last 102 since 1999, my freshman year at State, only missing the Southern Mississippi game on October 29, 2005).

The road games (including bowls and neutral site games) have been a lot of fun on a personal level, but very agonizing as a fan. The Pack is a dismal 8-20 on the road (34-31 overall) over my streak. Ugh! Maybe we’ll win more road games now. I’d definitely trade watching a win on TV over seeing a loss in person any day. Even with all the losses, it’s been a hellafun ride. The photos below are some of my best memories from the many road games. Go Pack!

10 pound lobster in Boston (10-17-09)

At a bar in FSU, started this streak my little bro’s senior year (10-31-09)

Tailgating with T at Virginia Tech … still miss her (11-21-09)

Throwing up the wolf sign on Space Mountain at UCF (9-9-10)

Georgia Tech students more into reading than watching football (9-25-10)

The highlight of TOB’s tenure at UNC (11-20-10)

Cincinnati chili 5 way (9-22-11)

TOBing at a club in FSU (10-29-11)

best meal ever for Tennessee in Atlanta (8-31-12)

Tailgating with some cool UConn students (9-8-12)

Note: Seems like I can’t find my pictures from the past year and a half … I’ll update this post when I find them.

Feb 5 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII

Russell Wilson Super Bowl Champ

I’m such a big NC State football fan that it is impossible for me to have a NFL team. I’ve tried numerous times to find “my” NFL team, but have never had anywhere close to the passion for them as I do for the Wolfpack so I finally just gave up. I have always been passionate about former Wolfpackers in the NFL so that’s who I root for when I’m watching NFL games. It makes me happy when they succeed and it’s also good for the NC State football program. Cue up the Seattle Seahawks … Super Bowl XLVIII Champs.

Congrats to Wolfpackers Russell Wilson, J.R. Sweezy, and Steven Hauschka! All 3 starters that were instrumental in the Seahawks win. And the Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was a former Wolfpack assistant coach. Couldn’t be happier for all of you. What a way to represent Wolfpack Nation!


Fair or not, NFL QBs are judged by Super Bowl wins. There have only been 31 QBs to win a Super Bowl and Russell Wilson is now on that list. So cool! If only Philip Rivers could add his name to the list too it’d be even better. Wolfpack Nation already knew how special Russell was and now the whole world knows. Below are clips from Russell’s appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Enjoy!

Wolfpacker Nate Irving was on the flip side of the Super Bowl rout, but played a great game and also represented the Wolfpack well. He made one hell of a play breaking up a possible Russell Wilson TD pass. It sure is tough when Wolfpackers go against each other in the NFL.

Nate Irving Super Bowl

Jan 22 2014

2014 Schedule Released

The ACC released the 2014 Football Schedule today … a whole month earlier than they released the 2013 schedule. Huge ovation for the ACC!

See it below and in the right sidebar. Here are my initial thoughts:

  • Not a great home schedule at all due to 3 shitty non conference opponents.
  • Opening ACC play with FSU and Clemson is a quick way to start 0-2.
  • UNC is on Saturday (better than Friday!) and after an open date (Yay!!!).
  • We have to get to a bowl game with this schedule.

2014 NC State schedule


And here’s a link to the ever popular ACC helmet schedule (courtesy of  @d_johnson13): 2014 ACC Helmet Schedule


Mar 22 2013

Spring Practice is Underway

Spring Practice started this past Tuesday so the Doeren era is now officially underway. Only 29 short days until the Kay Yow Spring Game. You bet I’m counting down. I’m excited to see Coach D and his staff in action on the football field. If you want to see a preview, below is a video of the first practice:

This staff is night and day different from the TOB regime in regards to how they use social media. All the coaches have their own Twitter account. There is the main Twitter account (same one that’s been around for several years) and a new Twitter account just for recruiting. There is a new YouTube channel and Facebook fan page that both do a great job of promoting the program to prospective student athletes while also giving us fans a very interesting behind the scenes look into the day-to-day activities. I absolutely love it!!!

If you’re reading this blog I’m sure you know about all this stuff, but I’ve linked everything below anyway. The YouTube channel is a must follow to see good videos like the one above of all kinds of thing (including offseason workouts, practices, recruit highlights, Coach D playing guitar with Scotty McCreery at College Gameday, one-on-one interviews with all the coaches, etc.). The coaches I’ve starred are the more active ones on Twitter.

Coach Doeren*
Coach Canada
Coach Huxtable
Coach Jackson*
Coach McNutt*
Coach Kitchings
Coach Neilsen*
Coach Faulkner
Coach Uremovich
Coach White
Coach Veltkamp

Main Twitter account

YouTube channel

Facebook fan page

Feb 25 2013

2013 Schedule Released

Well it’s finally here. I’ll have some of my thoughts on how the schedule breaks down later tonight. With 10 games in the state of North Carolina this is the year to go to all 12 games if you’ve never done it before. Here she is:


Dec 29 2012

Doeren’s Staff Complete

Coach Doeren has completed his NC State coaching staff. Four are following him from Northern Illinois, two are coming from Wisconsin (both coached under Doeren at NIU in 2011), one from Pittsburgh, one from UConn, one holdover from TOB’s NC State staff, and the S&C guy from Arkansas. Very impressive hires for OC and DC and another big get for the new S&C Coordiantor … all from other BCS schools. The rest of the staff is pretty young, but that should help them relate well to the players and recruits. Overall I’m pleased with the staff and ready to see what they can do for NC State football. Welcome to the Pack!

Here’s a few quotes from Coach Doeren about his staff:

“I want to be around guys who know how to be champions. There’s a good blend of different personalities and different backgrounds, but the common theme is these guys understand how to build a winner.”

“We have some experienced guys, but I think it helps to have some younger coaches who have enthusiasm and can relate to the players.”

Here’s the new NC State coaching staff:

Matt Canada – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks (Wisc.)
Mike Uremovich – Offensive Line (NIU)
Eddie Faulkner – Tight Ends/Fullbacks/Co-Special Teams Coordinator (Wisc.)
Frisman Jackson – Wide Receivers (NIU)
Des Kitchings – Running Backs (NC State)

Dave Huxtable – Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers (Pitt)
Ryan Nielsen – Defensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator (NIU)
Clayton White – Safeties/Co-Special Teams Coordinator (UConn)
Richard McNutt – Cornerbacks (NIU)

Jason Veltkamp – Strength & Conditioning (Ark.)

I’ll leave you with some YouTube clips showing a few of the coaches in action. Hopefully Coach Doeren will continue this type of cool “behind the scenes” access when he takes over here at State, which would be a nice change from the secretive, closed door program that TOB ran. I just love stuff like this. I could watch it all day long. Enjoy!

Mike Uremovich Mic’d Up

Frisman Jackson Mic’d Up

Dave Huxtable Mic’d Up

Ryan Nielsen Mic’d Up

Richard McNutt Mic’d Up

Dec 5 2012

“I’m jacked up about it.”

Coach Doeren was officially introduced as NC State football coach on Sunday. I thought he killed the press conference (watch for yourself above). Doeren seems like a no-nonsense type of guy that’s full of energy and ready to do whatever it takes to win. I love it! It’ll be interesting to see how he assembles his staff, but I believe he’ll be able to get some quality coaches and recruiters to join him. I know we still have the Music City Bowl to play this year, but I’m already looking forward to next year.

Looking around college football this week and seeing how some of the coaching searches have not gone smoothly at all (namely Tennessee) we have to give major props to Debbie Yow for how she conducted this search. She identified her man and wasted no time closing the deal before any other schools could get in on the action.

That’s a damn good thing too since the Wisconsin job is now open and Doeren would have definitely been high on their list. I love you Debbie! Thanks for not listening to the media that continues to tell us how we should accept our place as a mediocre athletics program. Refuse to accept the status quo!

Dec 2 2012

Dave Doeren is Our Man

Northern Illinois coach Dave Doeren has been named the new NC State football coach. Here’s the link to the official NC State press release, including the following quote from Coach Doeren:

“I am honored and excited to join the Wolfpack. NC State has world-class facilities and fans that are second to none. I want to thank Chancellor Woodson and Debbie Yow for this tremendous opportunity. My family and I can’t wait to get to Raleigh and become Wolfpackers.”

The press conference is set for today at 4:00 pm, but I couldn’t wait until then to hear from him so I looked up some YouTube videos. The first two give you a look into Doeren’s personality and the last three into his coaching style. If you’re not excited about this guy after watching these videos then … well … I feel sorry for you. He has the pedigree, resume, passion, youthful energy, drive, and the “it” that everybody always talks about. I’m excited about the future of Wolfpack Football. Welcome to the Pack, Coach Doeren!

Dave Doeren will do anything, go anywhere

18 Holes with Dave Doeren

Mic’d Up

Pre Game Speech

Post Game Celebration (Doeren speaks at 2:44)

Nov 25 2012

TOB Fired!!!

Happy day for me! The results on the field were mediocre at best as he finished 40-35 overall and 22-26 in the ACC. For all the things I dislike about TOB, I do appreciate the way he handled the UNC rivalry and will always remember the 5 straight wins. Thanks Coach!

Having said all that, I’m glad his coaching career was ended by getting fired and not him retiring and riding off into the sunset. Every person that I know that has worked or still work for him in the NC State football program (and I know a bunch) cannot stand the guy and have wanted him gone for a long time. When you’re Nick Saban and you’re winning national championships you can be a dick all you want, but if you’re gonna finish 4-4 in a weak ass ACC every year then you should at least treat your people the right way.

I’ll be toasting a glass of champagne tonight in celebration with them that TOB got his due.

Go Pack!

Nov 23 2012

50 Straight

Tomorrow’s game against Boston College will be the 50th straight NC State football game that I’ve attended. Home/away, hot/cold, sun/rain, win/loss … I’ve been there rooting on the Pack. The last game I missed was the Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama on December 29, 2008. I’m sure there are several people out there with longer streaks (kudos to all of you), but this is still something I’m proud of and, quite frankly, something that’s been a hell of a lot of fun.

Our record over the last 49 games has been 28-21 including a sparkling 20-6 home record. The bad news is that makes the road/neutral site record an abysmal 8-15. Wow! I knew I was spending a lot of time and money traveling to these games and seeing a bunch of losses, but didn’t realize it was quite that bad until I just looked at the numbers. It would be nice to win more road games, but those are still some of the more fun games because you’re seeing new places, interacting with new people, and taking in new traditions. That’s what college football is all about.

As I look back and reflect on this mini-streak I’ve learned a few things:

We will not win every game we play

It took me a long time (including one hard lesson learned at the 2008 ECU game … which we somehow ended up winning) to realize this. To those sitting around me in section 18, I once again apologize for my actions and I hope you have seen my true remorse in the way I have handled myself since then. I still want to win every single game we play, but now I realize it’s not the end of the world when we don’t.

We do know how to win every tailgate

The camaraderie with family and friends at our tailgate every week is what makes gamedays so much fun for me. We don’t win every game, but we still know how to have a good time. These 12 Saturdays are some of my favorite days of the year and many of my most cherished memories are from tailgates, road trips, shenanigans, and wins from these games. You can stay home and watch them on TV, but it’s just not the same.

Mrs. DFCF is the best wife in the world

She has supported me as I’ve gone to all these NC State football games and never once stopped me or complained about it. Most guys I know can’t even play a 4 hour round of golf without their wives bitching and I’m gone all weekend. There’s not many things I love more than NC State and Mrs. DFCF is without a doubt at the top of that list. Thanks babe! You are truly the best!