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I’m an old school guy that loves traditions.  The one thing about NC State football that disappoints me is that we don’t really have any good traditions.  The few we do have (Walk of Champions, Hey Baby!, wolf statue “Fury” to rub) are all copycats taken from other schools.  It would be nice if we had just one thing that was only ours.  I’ll get to work on coming up with something.

While the football program may be short on traditions, the university has had many great ones from the Delta Sigma Phi Lawn Party to Brent Road to campouts (I’m sure there’s been others too).  Of course all these have ultimately been canceled by the powers that be.  Enter the Krispy Kreme Challenge.

What is the Krispy Kreme Challenge you ask?  Well it’s a nice two mile run from the NC State belltower to the downtown Krispy Kreme store, a dozen delicious glazed donuts to eat, and then a nice two mile run back … and to complete the challenge you have to do it in under one hour.  Sounds pretty simple to me … right???  Maybe not, but all the money raised goes to the NC Children’s Hospital so it makes the decision for me to enter pretty simple.

The first KKC was held in December of 2004, my last semester at State, and it was started as a dare between a few buddies.  Since then the KKC has blown up and became one of the coolest traditions in the country.  Sports Illustrated placed it on its “102 Things You Gotta Do Before You Graduate” list and last year ESPN sent someone to cover the event (see the YouTube clip below starting about 1:15 in).

I’ve never partcipated before, but that will be changing this coming February.  Registration for the 6th annual KKC opened yesterday and I’ve already signed up.  Not sure what I’m getting myself into, but if it has to do with a cool new NC State tradition I’m there.  Plus I gave my brother a hard time last year for not completing the challenge so I have to back up my smack talking.  Regardless of how I do I’m looking forward to it.  If you want to join me sign up here.  The early Vegas odds of me actually completing the challenge are at 150 to 1.  I picked up my first dozen donuts on the way home from work yesterday so my training starts now … yum!

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