1. BA

    If you can be patient enough to wait until i get the Head Coaching job at State then you shouldnt have a problem getting any of these checked off your list. Some of these i will say are nearly impossible unless you know someone “BIG TIME”, so once i get the HC job in about 15-20 years you should be good. Even the BCS game, it will most likely be a BCS national championship game as well, just FYI.

  2. Big Jim

    Three things, Dave:

    1. I can fully support your statements about the Olympics, and I would even say that fighting with the American flag on my shoulder for a few years only made me more Team USA crazy.

    2. I am the grammar police; just ask Amy.

    3. That last thing on the bucket list, the one that’s edited out? You should try it; it’s AWESOME!

  3. dfcf99

    Big Jim, I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the things that you and your fellow soldiers have done and continue to do for our country. Without your sacrifices I wouldn’t have the freedom to have this blog, regardless of how stupid or meaningless it may be. Thanks!

    For some reason this little jingle is stuck in my head: Sometimes I dream, that he is me … Like Big Jim, if I could be like Big Jim …

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