1. timmy

    just think – State pass on Paul Johnson to take Tom O’Brien. what a different road the pack could be on today.

  2. Mike B

    Great breakdown DFCF. Look forward to discussing in person over the upcoming weeks! Intersting thought on Paul Johnson “what if” but I am not sure even he could have overcome by now the quagmire our program has inexplicably found itself. Often wonder if TOB regrets his decision.

  3. BA

    Great Break down, and love the research you put into this. I will say if we lose to UCF we arent beating Cincy, they are better than people think. I also find it hard to believe we will beat BC, they are going to be BETTER than last year. If you think that D was stifling last year, wait till you see them on the field this year. I could see us finishing 5-7 at best, however i honestly think after this breakdown we may not win but 3 games. MAybe TOB knows something i dont, cause he has been talking Bowl game, i just dont see it. I will commend you on picking the UNC game as a loss, i have the same feeling that this year that streak we have is going to end, and that is still if party boy gets suspended. Should be interesting though.

  4. swells

    I used to have your eternal optimism. Now I only see 3 wins, max. Can’t wait to kick off the season anyway. See you next weekend.

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