1. BA

    Im a little suprised you didn’t hit on the real issue during the game which for me was Russ’ play after the first quarter. The first pick i’ll give him he had two guys down there and was hoping they would man up and go get it. The second was one of the worst decisions i have seen him make, he had plenty of space to run gain a few yards possibly score and he throws it right to the DB. The third was just ridiculous, didnt even give us a chance. I thought our D played ok, they werent great but werent terrible. But again my point about every game we have played that we get a lead in is the offensive play calling, we see blood and back off. You can’t do that with a team like VT cause it gives them a chance, they are too well coached to be given any chance, and we did that. Looking at the first game of the season Russ looked average, and i attributed it to him being away from the game for so long, but the following game he didnt look all that great and to be honest i could have thrown for 300 against that Cincy D. The only game he looked like Russ was GT and the first quarter last week. According to people that were on the sideline, he just didnt look into the game, i mean he was wearing a QB coat on the sideline, and it was not even cool Saturday. Just something to look at in the next few games, to see if this was just one of those days, every one has one, or if he has lost a little something. A lot of people wont admit it because they refuse to see Russ as anything but greatness, but game film doesn’t lie, and I have no shame in pointing out anyones mistakes, or bad days.

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