1. BA

    As usual a good breakdown, however since I’m unemployed and having nothing better to do I have to add my two cents. Not sure about the Russel pick being his fault, he actually pump fakes to the middle of the field and then immediately turns and throws the ball to what i believe was supposed to be Double D running an inside route and it went right into the defenders hands. From the looks I have seen it looks like a broken play more than anything, however i will say Russ saved a pick 6 with that tackle. The one grade I would take a closer look at is the LB and my reasoning is the same you gave to the DL. in my opinion your entire front seven is responsible for stopping the run, the front 4 play a big part in disrupting the initial point of attack hopefully freeing your backers so they can run free to the ball. Not to say they played bad but the rushing yards goes on the LB’s as well, there were times where they couldn’t get off blocks and allowed themselves to be walled off from the play. You could argue that the DL should have done a better job clogging up the OL of FSU, and they should have, but you have to think about the personnel we have. There really isn’t one dominating force on our DL, which means as a collective unit the front seven must work together to stop the run, and against FSU we struggled a bit to do that. Now the corners got lucky on a couple plays becoming huge plays for FSU. Twice in the game a WR broke a tackle and took off down the sideline only to step out of bounds, which negated the both plays from becoming TD’s. Overall they played well but we have to make that initial tackle. I still don’t understand why we don’t use press coverage more on 2nd and 3rd and long plays on defense.

    PS. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before but the reason our WR’s can’t get open is because they are soft and aren’t very physical at all. They may be the best in the ACC collectively but I don’t see one guy that could make an impact in the NFL because they aren’t very physical and for the most part have sub par speed, and hands. It may sound hard but its true, you press our guys and their done, cant get off the line.

  2. dfcf99

    Good breakdown BA. I agree with your point that the front seven is in charge of stopping the run. Our LB’s did struggle with that as well and I did mention that in the writeup, albeit briefly. Maybe an A is a little high, but if you look back at the game our LB’s made a lot of plays (including some very big ones) and our DL, with the exception of Mageo, was invisible so I’m comfortable with those grades. C.J. Wilson did miss a tackle on the sideline and Brandan Bishop missed several tackles, that’s beginning to be the norm for him, but all-in-all I was impressed by our secondary. I still don’t think Ponder’s elbow was 100% healthy. With the exception of that one deep ball early in the first half all they threw were short slants, screens, and outs. You make some very valid points about the receivers and expanding on what you said, they’ve done a poor job fighting for and “defending” several of the Russell Wilson jump balls that have turned into interceptions.

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