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  1. Brian

    South Carolina is also a big player from what I have heard. To be honest it may be his best situation to start and with the talent they have there already and coming in.
    In my opinion the BEST schools and respective coaches always have open competition every week and every day so they get the best players on the field on gameday. The entire situation was handled poorly from the get go, from TOB’s statement at the beginning of spring saying Russell would be the back up if he came back to releasing him not even opening the position for competition. If Glennon is that damn good, he would beat out Russell, no? Who knows how this whole situation will look at the end of November, but from what I say in the Spring game, Glennon has a ton of work to do before he can be compared to the best QB’s TOb has had. Arm strength and all the physical tools dont mean shit if the most important aspect of playing QB, between the ears, isnt up to par with those guys. honestly i feel a scapegoat excuse if Glennon doesnt pan out, and it wont be TOb’s fault. I dont know how anyone can support this guy, as a person or a coach.

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