1. Brian

    I really think Black Uni’s wont look as good as everyone thinks they will. We SHOULD go with a throwback Uni, but no one that makes those types of decisions is creative enough to think about that. I love the Red helmet but pairing it with the Black Uni’s will look bad. Also if these are pics of our new Uni’s then our Uni’s look terrible. Can we not get away from having our Uni’s look like a highschool teams. Ever since TOB got here he has done his best to make our school about as dull as his personality and he is doing a pretty damn good job. We should be embarrassed if this is what we are stuck with for the next 4-5 years.

  2. dfcf99

    I have to disagree with you on this. I like those unis, especially “Wolfpack” across the chest. Of course, my favorite uni combination is the red jerseys with white pants so I’m curious as to why they have the red on red in that ad. I hope that does not become our regular home uni.

  3. outlaw08torn

    I really like the new jerseys if in fact this is what they come to be. Wolfpack jersey for away and State jersey for home. And my feelings wouldn’t be hurt if they have a black alternative for one game a year or so. I just hope that Adidas makes an authentic jersey available to purchase instead of only replicas.

  4. William

    I think a red helmet would be totally sweet with all white, atleast at home. We are the red and white from STATE and we know we are the best…. goodness sakes!! Time for a change on the helmet though, block S should be simple and white
    with similiar NC inside the edges. My 2 cents.

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