NCAA Football 12

As the countdown to the 2011 season approaches 50 days I’m starting to get very antsy.  The players are starting to report to campus.  Practice starts in exactly 3 weeks.  Man, I’m starting to get excited.  What better way to help hold me over than the newest installment from EA Sports, NCAA Football 12, which hits stores today.  I buy this every year just because, but if you want to read a review here you go.  One of the new things they added was school traditions.  Here’s the stadium intro video for NC State, complete with Fury and Russell Wilson, but no fireworks.  I guess I’ll let them slide on that.

If anybody’s interested in starting a PS3 online dynasty, hit me up in the comments.  The one stipulation is that I get to be NC State.  Also, if you’re looking for an NC State NCAA Football 12 wallpaper, here are some downloads [1920×1080] [1280×960] [1280×800] [1024×768] [800×600].  Okay, now I’m off to lead NC State to back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back national championships.

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