1. Ben

    work is impossible this week! The official tailgating play list draft is on round 7 of 10, the menu is Italian sausages with onions and peppers, a few dips. We have two cornhole board sets this year. Car flags, and tent are ready, we have the power inverter to power the stereo, the table’s been wiped clean, the chairbacks are ready. and DAMNIT it’s only Tuesday…anything I’m missing?

  2. dfcf99

    Ben, I know the feeling. The pork chops are sitting in the fridge ready to be marinated. I double checked all my tailgating gear over the weekend. The one thing that is bothering me is I haven’t been able to test run our new satellite tv setup because I’ve been waiting for the in-laws to get an extra Dish Network HD receiver for me, because my DirecTV will only work on SD. I asked my wife to remind them so many times, that now I can’t even open my mouth without her flying off the handle at me. Receiver is finally on order and suppose to come Thursday. I’ll definitely be ready to go by Saturday.

    For your official tailgating play list draft, check out this post that I put together with all NC State relevant songs: http://davefromcarterfinley.com/2009/10/dfcfs-tailgating-cd/

  3. Ben

    nice, list…the top 5 have been selected and we have a few more on that list scattered in. We’re working on getting a TV out there. The next purchase on the list is a generator and a TV, the next step will be to get a satellite to pick up ESPN

  4. dfcf99

    We try to add something every year at our tailgate so we’ve added the generator, tv, and satellite over a 3 year period. Even when you think you have everything, you’ll think of something to add for next year.

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