During the post-game singing of the alma mater a few fans up in Section 9 lowered the UNC flag to half mast (link to video). Here’s a picture of it in all its glory.

With all the smack talk coming from the Tar Heels (coaches, players, and even former players) leading up to the game, this was a perfect way to signify the way we dominated not only the game, but the whole rivalry week. I’m sure all Everett Withers was trying to do was get his players fired up for the rivalry, but his choice of words proved to be a huge miscalculation and his plan backfired big time.

TOB even used the Withers audio in his pregame speech to the team and boy did it work. A week after looking very lackluster, our team came out for this game with more intensity, focus, and motivation than we’ve seen all season. For all of TOB’s shortcomings, and he has plenty, it sure is nice that he understands the hatred in this rivalry and gets the absolute best effort out of his team for this game. This year a huge assist goes to Withers. Should TOB send him the game ball? [burn]

“We talked about it (Withers’ comments). We’re like the farmers and they’re the educated people, I guess. Whatever. We won and the farmers will be happy on Monday going to work.” — Audie Cole
“I give all the credit to them for firing us up for this game.” — Terrell Manning
“It showed us he (TOB) has our back and has the university’s back. He took it personal and added some fire for us. It was out character for him, so we really understood how much it meant to him.” — Mike Glennon
“This was a great win. It’s a great win for this football team. Kids in that locker room and even coaches on this coaching staff have never lost to North Carolina. But all we did today was tie the record (five straight wins over North Carolina). Next year, we get to go try and set it.” — TOB

Also, I heard from somebody that was around Randy Woodson at the game Saturday that the chancellors did not exchange apologies as was reported. Woodson accepted an apology from Holden Thorp, but did not issue any aplogies back since he didn’t have a reason to. Kudos Randy!

With rivalry week now over, my lingering question is … if you have to come out and declare yourself the “flagship” school of the state, is that really the case? I’ll tell you this, there was one team/university that acted like a flagship school this past week … and it wasn’t the one that wears that pansy ass blue.

Go Pack!!! Go to Hell Carolina!!!

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