1. swells

    You NAILED the keys to the game:

    1. We might have been flat in the first quarter, but more than compensated in the second…we surpassed our touchdown productivity from the previous 13 quarters in just six and a half minutes.

    2. The four take-aways were huge, especially the two that gave us a short field. But for me, turning them over on downs on the first drive of the second half was the nail in the coffin.

    3. TOP: CU 23:31 NCSU 36:29. Headscratcher of the year.

    Prediction: You saw the stars aligning, but didn’t give us a score…what’ve you done with DFCF the Greek?

  2. dfcf99

    If I’d have said first half instead of first quarter it would have been spot on. I knew what we had to do to win, I just didn’t think we could actually do it. Sure was fun to watch!

    Haven’t had as much time lately for everything so DFCF The Greek had to be cut. Plus I was sucking it up, although, the last one I put together I had my picks set but didn’t have time to do the write up. Of course those picks went 3-0. Oh well.

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