2011 Team Awards & Highlight Video

The Kay Yow Spring Game is only 10 days away. [insert woohoo! here] There has been very little info come out of Spring Practice, which is just the way TOB likes it. I guess I’d rather have that than the circus surrounding the Arkansas Razorbacks football program right now. Although, I would give up just about anything to be coming off a two year stretch with a combined 21-5 record, 1 top 5 finish, and 1 BCS bowl game?!?!?!

While not much info has come out of Spring Practice, the one thing that has come out is a pretty big one. Expected starting RB Mustafa Greene has gotten himself into a myriad of trouble, on and off the field, that has caused TOB to hold him out of practice. You can read all about that here. Not good news at all from someone that we’re all expecting to have a big 2012 season. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for Moose.

I never got around to wrapping up my thoughts on the 2011 season. No extensive bowl wrap up, no Davey Awards, not even a look back on the season … probably for the best. Well to put a bow on the 2011 season here are the 2011 team awards and 2011 highlight video:

Governor’s Award (team MVP):  David Amerson
Carey Brewbaker Award (most valuable DL):  Markus Kuhn
Most Valuable Defensive Back:  David Amerson
Most Valuable Linebacker:  Audie Cole
Jim Ritcher Award (most valuable OL):  Camden Wentz
Special Teams Player of the Year:  Zach Gentry
Most Valuable Offensive Back:  Mike Glennon
Mike Hardy Award (winning attitude):  Dwayne Maddox
Bo Rein Award (unsung player):  Zach Allen
Bob Warren Award (integrity & sportsmanship):  Wayne Crawford
Al Michaels Award (team before self):  Taylor Gentry
Ken McNeill Iron Wolf Award (comback from injury):  J.R. Sweezy
Earle Edwards Award (highest GPA):  Mikel Overgaard
Gary Rowe Award (most receptions):  T.J. Graham
Captain’s Awards:  George Bryan and J.R. Sweezy
Offensive Scout team player of the year:  Daniel Imhoff
Defensive Scout team player of the year:  Juston Burris

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