Spring Practice is Underway

Spring Practice started this past Tuesday so the Doeren era is now officially underway. Only 29 short days until the Kay Yow Spring Game. You bet I’m counting down. I’m excited to see Coach D and his staff in action on the football field. If you want to see a preview, below is a video of the first practice:

This staff is night and day different from the TOB regime in regards to how they use social media. All the coaches have their own Twitter account. There is the main Twitter account (same one that’s been around for several years) and a new Twitter account just for recruiting. There is a new YouTube channel and Facebook fan page that both do a great job of promoting the program to prospective student athletes while also giving us fans a very interesting behind the scenes look into the day-to-day activities. I absolutely love it!!!

If you’re reading this blog I’m sure you know about all this stuff, but I’ve linked everything below anyway. The YouTube channel is a must follow to see good videos like the one above of all kinds of thing (including offseason workouts, practices, recruit highlights, Coach D playing guitar with Scotty McCreery at College Gameday, one-on-one interviews with all the coaches, etc.). The coaches I’ve starred are the more active ones on Twitter.

Coach Doeren*
Coach Canada
Coach Huxtable
Coach Jackson*
Coach McNutt*
Coach Kitchings
Coach Neilsen*
Coach Faulkner
Coach Uremovich
Coach White
Coach Veltkamp

Main Twitter account

YouTube channel

Facebook fan page

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