NC State Fight Songs

NC State Fight Song

Shout aloud to the men,
Who will play the game to win.
We’re behind you,
Keep fighting for State.

Hold that line,
Hold ’em fast,
We will reach victory at last.
We’re behind you,
Keep fighting for State

Rise up to the fray,
And let your colors wave.
Shout out for dear old N.C. State.

And where e’er we go,
We’ll let the whole world know.
We’re behind you,
Keep fighting for State.

(Words by Hardy Ray: Class of 1926 & Music by Edmund L. Gruber)

The Red and White

We’re the Red and White from State,
And we know we are the best.
A hand behind our back,
We can take on all the rest.
Devils and Deacs stand in line.
The Red and White from NC State.

(Written by J. Perry Watson, NC State Director of Music, 1961)

The Alma Mater

Where the winds of Dixie softly blow.
O’er the fields of Caroline,
There stands ever cherished, NC State,
As thy honored shrine.
So lift your voices! Loudly sing
From hill to oceanside!
Our hearts ever hold you, NC STATE!!!
In the folds of our love and pride.

(Words by Alvin Fountain: Class of 1922 & Music by Bonnie Norris: Class of 1923)

Piss on Carolina

Way beyond the Raleigh ditches,
There’s a place like hell.
Where twenty thousand sons of bitches,
Call it Chapel Hill.

Oh, they’re bastards born,
And they’re bastards bred.
And when they die,
They’ll be bastards dead.

So, piss on Carolina ‘lina!
Piss on Carolina ‘lina!
Piss on Carolina ‘lina!

(Sung to the music of Hark The Sound)