Tie Dye And Sweater Vests Are Lame-O

So the Pack heads to Wake Forest this Saturday for the ACC opener.  This is one of the few opponents that the Pack has historically owned with an all time record of 61-35-6.  The recent history, however, has not been near as kind to the Pack.  Especially in Winston-Salem with the Deamon Deacons winning the … [Read more…]

The Lost 20 Seconds

Let’s take a quick look at the end of the first half in last weeks game against Pitt.  The Pack was at the 2 yard line trailing 17-7 when Russell threw and incomplete pass out of the back of the endzone.  It was 2nd down and the incomplete pass stopped the clock with 25 seconds … [Read more…]

We Got Our Grown Man On

I’m still pumped from last night.  Spent all morning re-watching the game, reading newspaper articles, and watching post-game interviews.  This winning stuff sure feels good. Of course, TOB didn’t want to let the fans or the team celebrate this win too much with his post-game comments.  I don’t think he really believes that “we’re just … [Read more…]

Puck Fitt

Wow! That was an awesome game. Absolutely HUGE win for the Pack. Probably one of the top 5 games I’ve ever seen at Carter-Finley. This is one of those games that we will look back at later and say it was a season changer. Russell Wilson was incredible. Man I hope he forgets about the … [Read more…]

The Homeless Guy

So Pitt comes to town for a big time showdown tomorrow afternoon.  This is a HUGE game, the most important in the TOB era so far, for the Pack for many reasons.  We need to prove that the SC game was not us, we need to build good momentum heading into the ACC schedule, and … [Read more…]

Big Names and No Names

So the national feel good story of the year is Miami’s 2-0 start.  All the gurus and pundits are talking about their “return to glory.”  Good for them.  I’m glad they’re giving the ACC some much needed good publicity, but I have a problem with their supersonic rise in the polls. Before the season they … [Read more…]

Over .500 … Woohoo!

With yesterday’s win over Gardner Webb we finally have our first winning record of Tom O’Brien’s tenure.  Yeah so our 2 wins are against FCS schools, but this is a different feeling today in Wolfpack Nation.  The last time the Pack was over .500 was back on Oct. 5, 2006 when the Pack, led by … [Read more…]

Adding Guys to My Wolfpack


Most of you know this, but that’s NC native and former NC State student Zach Galifianakis.  Per his IMDB bio, he was one point in his final college class away from being an NC State alum.  I’d love to know which professor failed him by one point.  Hopefully he’ll come back one day and finish … [Read more…]