We Need More Apache


I miss DaJuan Morgan.  Not really because he was a great football player for the Pack, more so because he was one hell of a dancer.  I’ve been taking dance lessons with Mrs. DFCF for a little over a month now and our instructor hasn’t got to this dance yet.  But she wouldn’t hold a … [Read more…]

Flag Football

Murray State must have thought they were coming to Carter-Finley to play a flag football game.  The Pack absolutely dominated the Racers in our most lopsided victory since the mid ’90s.  There’s nothing really to analyze here since Murray St. was such an inferior opponent, but it was nice to see our guys come out … [Read more…]

Murray State Gameday

At Carter-Finley already on beer #2.  Just talked to my bro and his roomie who feel real good about this.  Said the team looked really sharp in practice this week.  Last week was a wake up call and the team wasn’t happy with their performance. They also saw Murray St. last night when they got … [Read more…]

Yabba Dabo Doodoo

Last night’s Clemson-Georgia Tech game was interesting.  Tech should have blown them out of the water, but Paul Johnson’s high school offense couldn’t do anything after the first quarter. Dabo Swinney, who I think is possibly the worst hire in ACC football history, didn’t have a clue what was going on in the first half.  … [Read more…]

Heads Up

It still baffles me how the SEC officiating crew missed this facemask.  The whole stadium saw it.  I mean Rashard got pulled parallel to the ground and was violently flipped around 180 degrees.  Absolutely brutal.  And why the hell does the visiting team’s conference supply the refs?  Aside from the BCS, that’s the dumbest thing … [Read more…]

Die Wave Die

One word describes what we witnessed last night … very ugly.  OK, two words.  With all the hype surrounding this game the Pack laid a big fat egg and on national tv to boot.  I was very disappointed in the intensity, effort, and execution, but if you’re looking for a “the sky is falling” blog … [Read more…]

2009 Season is Here …. FINALLY!

Well the website is not done yet, but the season begins tomorrow so it’s time to start blogging.  Hopefully the website will be up before we get into the ACC schedule.  Anyway, big weekend.  Golf tomorrow a.m. possibly with former wolfpack great Koren Robinson.  Tailgating will commence promptly at 2:00pm.  Can’t wait to set up … [Read more…]