Feb 5 2010

Contact Your Travel Agent Now

The ACC released the 2010 NC State football schedule today.  Looks like a pretty tough “road” for the Wolfpack, literally.  A whopping six road games this year is the most since the 2002 season and that year we had a 13 game schedule.  That’s not really a great thing since we have a 4-10 record on the road during the TOB era.

So that leaves us with only six home games and of the six home games two of them are on Thursday nights.  While there’s no doubt the exposure from a nationally televised game on ESPN is always great exposure for the program, call me old school, I just love playing on Saturdays when college football games are meant to be played.  Plus we do have a 0-3 record on Thursday nights during the TOB era and I have to take two days vacation at work because my boss man would never ever believe me if I were to call in “sick.”

I could go into more detail and analyze the makeup of the schedule, but that’s an absolute waste of time.  What it all comes down to is the team strapping on their helmets and playing some damn football.  So here’s the schedule.  Contact your travel agent now and make your plans to join me on the road.

2010 NC State Football Schedule
Sept. 11 at Central Florida
Sept. 16 CINCINNATI (Thurs. ESPN)
Sept. 25 at Georgia Tech
Oct. 16 at East Carolina
Oct. 28 FLORIDA ST. (Thurs. ESPN)
Nov. 6 at Clemson
Nov. 20 at North Carolina
Nov. 27 at Maryland

Feb 3 2010

Wishing Upon Some Stars

Well 2010 National Signing Day has come and gone.  It was a pretty routine day around the Murphy Center.  No surprises, good or bad.  My take: there are a few guys that really impress me, but overall it’s a lot of average.  I will admit it’s a little crazy ranking the classes 7 months before these guys ever play their first game, but if you think the rankings don’t matter then you’re a little naive.

There’s a bunch of different recruiting services that release rankings, so I averaged the rankings from Rivals, Scout, and ESPN to come up with a consensus ranking.  Let’s look at the consensus Top 10 classes in order:  Florida, Texas, Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma, USC (sorry Cock fans … this is the real USC), LSU, UCLA, Florida State, and Penn State.  That list reads like a Who’s Who of college football programs.  It includes the last seven national champions and eight of them show up in the top 14 on the Top 25 College Programs of the Decade list put together by my buddies over at Frumpzilla (one of my college roomies and half my fantasy football league keep that site running so show them some love).  It’s a lot easier to win when you have the best players so let’s all just agree that the rankings do matter.

Speaking of rankings let’s get back to the Wolfpack’s class.  The recruiting gurus have it as the 6th or 7th best class … in the ACC.  I guess that is better than where we’ve finished in the actual league standings during the TOB era.  I just expect better than that, especially with our passionate fan base and the best facilities in the ACC (per ESPN).  We did get a few guys that I’m really excited about (shown in the picture below) including one BIG time pickup, literally.

The six guys I'm most excited about.

The jewel of the class is OL Rob Crisp (6’7″ 299lb.) out of Raleigh.  He was rated one of the best players, regardless of position, in the country and should man the LT spot for the next four years.  Two others that have me excited are DB’s David Amerson and Dontae Johnson.  Hopefully they can step in immediately next year and help solve the massive problems we had in the secondary this past year.  The final three I can’t wait to see in the Red and White are WR’s Tony Creecy and Bryan Underwood, and RB Mustafa Greene.  You can never have too many speedy playmakers and I think these three will fit that mold for the Pack.  I’m sure there will be a really good player or two come out of the rest of the class, but these are the six that have me looking to the future with hope and anticipation.

To these six and all the other new Wolfpackers (click here for bios) … welcome to the family!  You made the best decision of your life (I’m not biased at all).  To TOB, take a day to do your honey do’s, then start working on next year’s class.  GO PACK!

Dec 19 2009

Sign Up Now!

I’m an old school guy that loves traditions.  The one thing about NC State football that disappoints me is that we don’t really have any good traditions.  The few we do have (Walk of Champions, Hey Baby!, wolf statue “Fury” to rub) are all copycats taken from other schools.  It would be nice if we had just one thing that was only ours.  I’ll get to work on coming up with something.

While the football program may be short on traditions, the university has had many great ones from the Delta Sigma Phi Lawn Party to Brent Road to campouts (I’m sure there’s been others too).  Of course all these have ultimately been canceled by the powers that be.  Enter the Krispy Kreme Challenge.

What is the Krispy Kreme Challenge you ask?  Well it’s a nice two mile run from the NC State belltower to the downtown Krispy Kreme store, a dozen delicious glazed donuts to eat, and then a nice two mile run back … and to complete the challenge you have to do it in under one hour.  Sounds pretty simple to me … right???  Maybe not, but all the money raised goes to the NC Children’s Hospital so it makes the decision for me to enter pretty simple.

The first KKC was held in December of 2004, my last semester at State, and it was started as a dare between a few buddies.  Since then the KKC has blown up and became one of the coolest traditions in the country.  Sports Illustrated placed it on its “102 Things You Gotta Do Before You Graduate” list and last year ESPN sent someone to cover the event (see the YouTube clip below starting about 1:15 in).

I’ve never partcipated before, but that will be changing this coming February.  Registration for the 6th annual KKC opened yesterday and I’ve already signed up.  Not sure what I’m getting myself into, but if it has to do with a cool new NC State tradition I’m there.  Plus I gave my brother a hard time last year for not completing the challenge so I have to back up my smack talking.  Regardless of how I do I’m looking forward to it.  If you want to join me sign up here.  The early Vegas odds of me actually completing the challenge are at 150 to 1.  I picked up my first dozen donuts on the way home from work yesterday so my training starts now … yum!

Nov 5 2009

Ratt a tat tat

So Homecoming Week is upon us.  Fittingly the same week that ESPN debuts their film “Without Bias” the Maryland Terrapins are coming to town.  One time at Maryland, me and some buddies had a run-in with some Terp fans over Len Bias.  Great story, but I’ll save that one for another day.

Vegas has the Pack hovering around a touchdown favorite.  A few prognosticators have even picked us to win by more than that.  I’m not quite that confident because Ralph Friedgen has owned the Wolfpack (6-2) since arriving at College Park.  I do think that we are better than Maryland, but that doesn’t always translate into a win.  Good news is we won’t be seeing RB Da’Rel Scott (broken wrist) who put up 163 yards rushing on us last year.

So Maryland’s chances hang squarely on the shoulders of QB Chris Turner.  Even with our defense struggling I’m not sure any Terp fan likes hearing that.  Turner not only has the worst hair in the ACC with his out of style Jheri curl look, but is also one of the worst QBs.  Turner also has to be a little distracted since his dad, the original drummer for the hair-metal band Ratt, started stirring up trouble on Terp message boards calling for the head of Maryland’s AD Debbie Yow.

The Pack Defense finally gets an opponent with a weak offense.  Call me crazy, but I think the Pack D takes out a little frustration this week and plays one of its best games of the year.

Oct 22 2009

Kegs And Eggs


Look at me back in my college days trying to be cool with the hat on backwards.  (Cue up Will Ferrell’s sound bite from Wedding Crashers … “What a loser!”)  It’s always fun reminiscing back to the good ol’ days.  You know, back when our tailgate menus consisted of kegs and eggs, we could play our music as loud as we pleased, and the only rule involving a 5 was the 5 second rule.

None of those are the case any more thanks to former Chancellor James Oblinger and current Vice Chancellor Tom Stafford.  I can’t even believe I’m mentioning those two names on my blog.  I promise I’m not trying to sabotage my own blog.  Anyway, this whole 5 hour rule (actually don’t forget that it started out as the 4 hour rule) is flat out stupid.  It was a huge overreaction that hasn’t come close to solving the real problem that is at hand, yet somehow four years later it still stands.

This attack on tailgating has started to spread to places other than NC State too, even the NFL.  If I close my eyes it almost feels like I’ve been teleported back to Kindergarden and banished to timeout by my teacher.  I mean what is going on?  It’s gotten so bad that ESPN’s Rick Reilly wrote a recent article about it which you can read here.  I can’t put it as elegant as him so I won’t even try, but it just really sucks.

We don’t have any real football tradition at State.  We’ve had some great players in the past and a few good teams, but nothing anywhere close to putting us on the national map.  All us Wolfpackers know this and have accepted it (in my case very begrudgingly), but the one thing we have always had to be proud of was our tailgating.  I hope that our new Chancellor will put this issue at the top of his/her list and right this wrong.  If we want to be a top football program we at least need to act like one.

Sep 20 2009

Over .500 … Woohoo!

With yesterday’s win over Gardner Webb we finally have our first winning record of Tom O’Brien’s tenure.  Yeah so our 2 wins are against FCS schools, but this is a different feeling today in Wolfpack Nation.  The last time the Pack was over .500 was back on Oct. 5, 2006 when the Pack, led by Daniel Evans and Geron James, beat the Seminoles 24-20 on the ESPN Thursday night game.  Wow, that’s been a long time.  Thank God that streak is over.

Speaking of streaks, big Congrats go out to Russell Wilson for breaking the NCAA record of most pass attempts without an interception.  After having to watch quarterbacks like Davis, Stone, Evans, and Beck over the last several seasons this has been a much needed sight for all Wolfpack fans.  In addition to the record, Wilson looked very sharp setting new career highs in completions, attempts, yards, and TDs.

Yesterday was another dominating performance against an inferior opponent, but this one came with a price.  Freshman playmaker Rashard Smith sustained a dreaded high ankle sprain on a punt return and deep threat receiver Owen Spencer suffered a grade 3 concussion on a pass at the goal line.  It’s still too early to tell, but I doubt either plays next week.

On the other side of the injury report, it was good to see DeAndre Morgan and Donald Bowens back in action.  DeAndre looked good and should be in line to start next week while DBo looked okay, but seemed to me that he was still a little tentative on that repaired knee.  If DBo can get back to 100% he would be a big boost to the offense and give us that elite #1 receiver that we’ve been lacking for quite some time.

Next week’s 3:30 pm tilt with Pittsburgh is absolutely HUGE.  We have a chance to make up for our lackluster performance against South Carolina and build some momentum going into the ACC schedule.  This game also gives O’Brien another shot at the big non conference win that has eluded him so far here at State.  This is a litmus test game that the Pack needs to win.

Sep 2 2009

2009 Season is Here …. FINALLY!

Well the website is not done yet, but the season begins tomorrow so it’s time to start blogging.  Hopefully the website will be up before we get into the ACC schedule.  Anyway, big weekend.  Golf tomorrow a.m. possibly with former wolfpack great Koren Robinson.  Tailgating will commence promptly at 2:00pm.  Can’t wait to set up shop at Carter-Finley (my home away from home) and crack the first Coors Light of the 2009 season.  Fried chicken will be on the menu for the tailgate and for the football game.  Big time matchup with the Cocks on ESPN.  I have a lot of family, friends, and work contacts that are Cock fans so I need a little revenge on last year.

I’m feeling pretty confident about this one and the season as a whole.  It does sucks a big one that Nasty Nate is gonna have to miss the whole year.  Mrs. DFCF won’t know what to do this year.  Last year I told her to just watch Nate and she’d see all the action, which was so very true.  I guess she’s still got Russell to watch.  What a stud.  If we can keep him healthy, watch out.  My bro’s last year as a manager too.  I’m gonna hate it next year.  The inside scoop I get from him is what keeps me sane in the offseason.  Anyway, let’s get this party started.  GO PACK!!!

The rest of the long Labor Day weekend will go something like this.  During the day Friday will be spent celebrating/recovering from our big win.  Friday night I’ll be hanging with the bro at the Carolina Mudcats game and talking with my former Legion coach who is now the pitching coach for the Mississippi Braves.  Saturday is opening day of dove season and I’m hoping to get my limit for the first time.  I really suck, but I’ve been shooting a lot of skeet recently trying to practice so we’ll see how that goes.  Then back to the Mudcats game that night.  Sunday some more golf (which I also suck at) before I head back to Charlotte.  Only thing missing for the ultimate guys weekend is a visit to the strip club, but that’ll have to wait for a few weeks until we celebrate my bro’s 21st birthday.