Aug 16 2010

Meet the Pack

So Saturday was Media/Meet the Pack Day.  Go here to see the N&O photo gallery … there’s a few funny pics in there.  Not much news from Media Day other than TOB saying, “We have enough weapons, I believe, offensively and defensively to have a winning season and get to a bowl game.”  I hope he knows what he’s talking about.  Of course he followed that statement with “injuries could change that” which is fastly becoming his calling card here at State.  This is year four so I guess he still needs time to build up the depth chart?  If the depth chart is still thin why are we still kicking guys off the team?

Speaking of that Denzelle Good was added to the growing list of guys (Donald Bowens, DeAndre Morgan, Dominique Ellis, Jimmual Simmons, and Chris Ward just to name a few) TOB has kicked to the curb.  A few probably deservedly so, but as many or more for little to no reason at all.  I could elaborate, but I’ll just leave it at that.  Good had a lot of promise coming out of high school being one of the most talked about players at the 2008 Shrine Bowl so I had high hopes for him.  In other attrition news, Morgan Alexander was forced to leave the team due to bad grades.  He was very impressive last year on the scout team and a player even the coaches had raved about so of course I was excited to see what he could do in the Red & White.  Oh well I can still play with him on NCAA Football 11.  These losses won’t be felt this year, but it does weaken the depth chart down the road.

While everybody was at Meet the Pack Day I was helping Mrs. DFCF get some stuff done around the house.  With only two more weekends left after this one before the season starts and all my Saturdays are booked up she knew to take advantage of the day.  While I was finishing my honey-do list I was thinking about Wolfpack Football … shocker!  I wanted to finalize my plans for the website too.  It might be a little audacious but here’s what I have planned for the season:

  1. Weekly game preview:  players to watch, key match-ups, stats, records, gambling info, etc.
  2. Weekly team grades:  putting on my professor cap and grading the team/coaches’ performance each game.
  3. TOB-O-Meter:  think the Shawon-O-Meter with TOB’s winning percentage (currently).
  4. Arround the ACC:  news, commentary, ACC Championship Game preview, etc.
  5. Tailgating DFCF Style:  setup, stories, recipes, videos, etc.
  6. DFCF the Greek:  top 3 weekly ATS picks posted every Friday.

There’s one other thing, but I need a whole write-up to do it justice so check back later in the week.  Of course I’ll have my random rants, crazy stories, self deprecation, and such but I wanted to have something for my readers to depend on every week (kinda like a Wolfpack Football information crack if you will).  The countdown is under 20 days.  Woohoo!  Bring on some football!

Jul 13 2010

NCAA Football 11

So it’s been quiet around here for a over a week (the longest I’ve gone between posts since starting this whole blogging thing), but I took Mrs. DFCF on a nice Caribbean romantic getaway to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. (Insert your ‘awwwws’ here.) I did have limited internet access, but like I said, it was a romantic getaway so I didn’t want to be spending precious time blogging.  Now Mrs. DFCF on the other hand spent 1.5 hours one night in an online message board chat for one of her doctoral classes.  WTH, right?  I only kid.

Anyway, today I picked up my copy of the new EA Sports NCAA Football 11 game.  I’m still at work so I haven’t fired it up yet, but all the reviews are good.  That really doesn’t matter because I’m programmed to buy the new game every year anyway.  It’s part of the 12 step program I follow in order to keep my sanity through the summer before the season starts up in the fall.  I should probably write an article about that, but I’m not sure it would help anybody else.  Mrs. DFCF says I’m the only one that has this problem.  I don’t know what she’s talking about.  Anyway, I might not have blogged in over a week, but NC State football has not left my mind.  If Mrs. DFCF can attend an online class while on vacation out of the country I can think about the upcoming NC State football season.  So while chilling on the beach drinking massive amounts of fruity tropical alcoholic drinks I read up on all our opponents (in the Phil Steele magazine of course) and planned out some cool things for the website.

I’ve started to get the ball rolling on a few of the things for the website so stay tuned as I start to unveil them in the coming weeks.  Some will be weekly features, another will be a season long series, and I’m not even sure how to classify the rest.  Hopefully they’ll all be fun and entertaining.  If you don’t follow me on Twitter (what the heck are you waiting on?) you missed me breaking the story of Coach Archer’s wreck a full week before this article came out.  Looking at that picture of the car I sure am glad Coach and his wife are okay.  Now that my summer vacation has come and passed I’m getting very antsy for the NC State football season to start.  After killing another couple hours here at work I’ll rush home and fire up NCAA Football 11 for a quickie before some family comes over to watch the Midsummer Classic (aka MLB All-Star Game).  Toodles!